Our future is in danger.

EU deserves concrete answers adopting empathic tools to improve the dialogue between people with different rules and values.

Let’s start this dialogue to feed the change!

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In the Covid 19 emergency, did the complexity of communication, relationships and the need to protect people’s psychophysical well-being emerge?

Understating people’s perception of the crisis is crucial to deliver successful solutions. How can we make decision-making more effective? Are there tools able to understand this and intervene by bringing effective and preventive solutions?


A solution will be successfull only if universally acknowledged.

Understanding the real needs of the people is crucial to communicate.

Rules will be effective only if understood from the population.

Quidow, thanks to Sensodata®, allows to achieve these three goals.

The use of Sensodata®, which analyze the deep meaning of words, allows to take effective decisions in a multicultural context such as the EU.


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