Luca Magnoni
Founder & Strategy Director
Founder & CEO of Quidow, Tootoom, Hydrogen and lecturer of Brand Strategy at Accademia di Comunicazione of Milan. As designer, musician, journalist and digital artist, he has contributed since the beginning to the avant-garde artistic trends affirming the power of digital development as a means of expression and communication.

After gaining significant experience in Milanese agencies, in 2004 he takes on the management of the national magazines, Computer Arts and Computer Arts Special, leading them to become the focal point for Italian creativity. In 2008 he became Creative & Design Director of the Ninja group, the first non-conventional Italian agency, introducing the concept and techniques of Unconventional Marketing and Guerrilla which in a short time radically changed the communication system in Italy and the relationship between companies and consumers .

The successes achieved in the international field led him in 2006 to be appointed Executive Member of the IADAS of New York (International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences), the prestigious organization gathering the brightest creative minds of the world and which constitutes the international jury of the Webby Awards and Lovie Awards, the Web Oscar.

Michelangelo Tagliaferri
Founder & Chief of Research Department and Sensodata® Analysis
Founder and Scientific Director of Accademia di Comunicazione – Foundation in Milan, Michelangelo Tagliaferri graduated in jurisprudence and sociology. He is a territorial participatory planning expert and he used to lecture in sociology at Università di Bologna and Università Cattolica di Milano. He has been a communications consultant for important advertising agencies and companies since 1972, and is involved in communication research and training for business and public authorities.

He is responsible for Communications for the Equal Project (Agenzia di Cittadinanza); Communication Activities Consultant for the Dipartimento Tossicodipendenze of Comune di Milano; Communication Strategy Consultant for Ministero della Salute; Member of the Scientific Committee for the cultural of Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico of Milan, Istituto Nazionale per la cura dei Tumori and Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta; Communications and Communication Projects Consultant for Istituto Superiore di Sanità; Communication Strategy Consultant for Aifa (Agenzia del Farmaco); Communication Strategy Consultant for MIUR; Consulent for Expo Saragozza 2008 and Shangai 2010 exhibitions and for Milan’s candidacy; Communications Consultant for Farnesina D.G. 3 for the internationalization and promotion of Italian enterprises abroad; Responsible for the Communications for One Dream One City Project – supported by Comune di Milano Expo; Training Manager of Distretto della Comunicazione of Regione Puglia; Member of the Communication Committee for the revival of Sassi di Matera; Communications Consultant for the European initiative “La Notte dei Ricercatori”, organised in collaboration with Università di Ferrara and Consorzio aster of Regione Emilia Romagna; Responsible for Communications of Rosa Bianca party for On. Savino Pezzotta campaign; Responsible for innovation processes of Datamonitor – Rome; Advice on Communication and Communication Research for Comune di Roma and mayor Alemanno; Communication Activities Consultant for Regione Campania President; Communication Activities Consultant for the company Spin Web, regarding the application of digital technology to political communication.

He was called by Cardinal Ravasi to join the Pontifical Council for Culture. He is a member of ASviS, the Italian Agency for Sustainable Development.

Camillo Di Tullio
Sensodata® Analyst
Digital Brand Manager, Camillo Di Tullio is one of the leading experts in the study of Big Data with a Growth Hacking approach to analyze market demand and extrapolate its segments to obtain indications for orienting the business with a Data Driven approach. He has worked in the consumer goods sector in Companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Black & Decker and currently in the Telco sector with TIM, acquiring years of experience in the competition of saturated markets. His in-depth knowledge of Social Networking Analysis and Community Detection allows him to experiment with high-performance approaches to improve Business solutions.

In the field of strategic and operational trade marketing, he has designed and implemented successful projects aimed at increasing store incoming and sales, obtaining important awards for the brands he has worked with. Unconventional Marketing Expert has developed and introduced new techniques for identifying and managing the community, such as TIMTribù with on-line and off-line activities. He is a contract lecturer at Business School: CUOA and in the Ninja Academy.

Davide Zambon
Data Architect & Algorithm Engineer
Graduated in Automation Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Davide Zambon is an extremely cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural person. He is so passionate and curious about Formal Science as he is about Social Science, forms of Arts, and holistic disciplines; he is an avid reader always seeking lofty goals that will let him sharpen his understanding of mathematical modelling, algorithms and systems theory.

His deeply-rooted belief that Mathematics is the essence of life itself has inspired him to attend several international specialization courses to gain new insights and to get closer to his dream of making the world a better place and reaching a better understanding of the meaning of life.

His great versatility has allowed him hold very different positions through his career, working as a researcher at the DEIB of Politecnico di Milano (Dynamics of complex systems), as a consultant for Apple Retail Italia, as a software engineer for Accenture and for a Google Campus project, before landing in Tootoom where his deep knowledge has blossomed studying the first ever algorithms in the world able to decipher human behaviours in the perspective of a complete interaction between Human and Machine. His innate skills and his mastery of the codes allowed him to create the pillars of Sensodata® Analysis in Quidow and to define the structure of a unique and proprietary Software, ensuring the best engaging experience in a highly sophisticated interface.

Carlo Giordano
IT Architect
Technology and mathematics enthusiast Carlo Giordano is one of the leading international experts in the creation of coded algorithms. His first approach to the computer world and to Code Programming goes back to childhood when he was just five years old when he started his first programming experiments through the Amiga Commodore Unix systems. Over the years he has developed his professional skills working in the technological, financial, publishing and energy sectors, innovating the IT structures of Big Companies including Unicredit, Deutsche Bank, Intesa SanPaolo, Banca Mediolanum, Cattolica Assicurazioni, Enel, RCS, Accenture and Fincons Group.

His constant effort to seeking technical excellence to offer creative and functional solutions, led him in a short time to obtain important international awards and to collaborate on international Open Source projects with Ubuntu and Google.

Thanks to the strong skills acquired and his mastery of the codes, he managed to create a unique and proprietary scalable architecture in Quidow capable of supporting the analysis of the Sensodata® on a global scale by adopting the most performing and innovative solutions at Cyber Security level, ensuring a highly engaging experience in a highly sophisticated interface.

Fabrizio Loveri
UX & UI Director
Art Lover, Fabrizio Loveri began his creative career by devoting himself to Street Art. His passion later led him to deepen the study of image dynamics with artistic studies on verism. The mix of the two souls then merges into the graphics, continuing the academic studies and approaching into a wider world in which communication becames alive through the platforms he generates.

Co-Founder of Tootoom, Quidow and Hydrogen, Fabrizio Loveri is considered one of the greatest talents in the field of visual arts, managing to define new digital communication standards in the creation of highly innovative Web and Software interfaces. His works are characterized by a perfect integration between the different media, in which Art and Design find the correct expressive balance.

Fulvio Iori
Strategic Advisor
After twenty years of managerial experience at prestigious ICT multinationals such as Apple, PTC, Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics and Dell, Fulvio becomes an entrepreneur, contributing to the creation of a consulting company and then a startup. The startup Mapadore develops and markets B2B applications in Software as a Service for the optimization of off-line and on-line commercial processes, based on sophisticated AI-based algorithms. It raised 1 million euros from investors and among its international clients there are companies of the caliber of General Electric Healthcare, which uses Mapadore globally.

While still being Mapadore's Equity Partner, Fulvio acts as a consultant supporting startups selected for their high potential for innovation and development and 'Wantrepreneurs' (aspiring entrepreneurs and startuppers): from perfecting the Business Idea by exploiting the opportunities offered by technological and market innovation to the definition of business models, business plan, growth and fundraising strategy and the search for investors.

Fulvio also consults consolidated companies and startups onto the design and implementation of innovation programs and innovative business models, particularly those based on Digital Subscriptions (subscriptions through digital channels and e-commerce) and Membership programs placing them at the core of their Customer Loyalty and Lifetime Value strategy.

Luca Cairoli
Senior Advisor & New Business
University lecturer, Art Director and UX / UI Designer, Luca Cairoli is among the first to recognize the potential of Digital as a means of expression and communication and has been involved over the years in being part of prestigious national Juries as a leading exponent of Italian creativity .

His innovative visions and his perfect knowledge of the market led him in a short time to take more and more prominent positions in Andersen Consulting becoming Brand Champion in 1998 for Below the Line and Digital. His growth path led him to deal with the communication and strategy of the most prestigious international Brands, including Barilla, Unicredit, Accenture, Aviva, UnipolSAI, Fondazione Adecco, RAS, Borsa Italiana and Mondadori.

Strongly oriented to innovation in terms of process and market, he is considered one of the leading experts in the field of InsureTech and Automotive focusing his experience in the field of Predictive Marketing for the GDO.


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