Words convey our emotions, showing what makes us feel alive and what we prefer to keep away from ourselves. They can have different meanings and values depending on who pronounce them, when they do and also on who is listening to them. This is why Big Data focused researches are not able to give back realistic projections and often provide divergent results to the actual situation.

The value that each of us attributes to words, determines what we think and mean.The more equal and similar these elements are, the stronger is the bond established between people.

These values of words could be attributed to archetypes that, by definition, go beyond linguistic, social or behavioral barriers, representing the very deep meaning that these words have for everyone of us, as single entities and as a whole community.

Sensodata® is based on the search for the meaning of words.

Quidow relies on SENSODATA® in order to add a qualitative aspect to to the quantitative research usually done with BigData.

This allows companies and corporations to really understand what their audience wants, what their public really care about, enabling then predictive analysis to different sectors trends.


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